2021 Critique Week

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Background image by Design faculty Tony Brock

Sophomore + Junior Critique Week
Monday May 10 + Friday May 14, 2021
Online via Zoom

Sophomore and Junior Design Critique Week happen the same week as finals (May 10 – 14). All sophomore and junior crits will be scheduled during times when you would be in a design studio / class, so there should be no conflicts with your CLAS finals.

About the Critique…

End of year critiques are scheduled to showcase your work from all studio classes from the full year (or from this semester, if you’ve only been here that long). They are intended to be supportive and help you integrate thoughts and progress across the year. You do not need to redo any work for this critique or worry that it is being “graded” or used as a test of any kind. We will, however, point out successes and challenges for you, in hopes of helping you move your work along. This is a great opportunity to step back and see all your design work from the year.

What to Expect…

  • Juries are scheduled in 3 – 4 hour time blocks in groups of 8 – 10 students.
  • Below is your assigned day and time block. It should coincide during one of your scheduled design studio courses.
  • Each student has 20 minutes scheduled within their time block; 10 minutes to discuss your work, and 10 minutes for feedback from the faculty reviewers.
  • You are required to attend the full time block until all students within the same time block as you have presented.

What to Bring…

  • Have all your art and design work from Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters.
  • Students should have their work prepared ahead of time in Mural. Follow the links below to set up your Mural board to your crit room.
  • Large-scale work (such as arcade games) can be shown digitally as photographs. Motion work can be shown separately (outside of Mural) but make sure it’s queued up and ready to show during your crit time.
  • Have your Mural prepared ahead of time. Have work organized. Group similar work together (for example, a singular project with multiple parts should be hung or displayed together). See links below to the crit rooms in Mural.

Mural Workspaces:

If you have not used Mural before, create an account using your Lesley email address. (It’s free! ) Any students struggling with the Mural environment, please email me directly and I can send you some helpful tutorials that will get you up and running in the tool very quickly.

What to do…

  • Relax! This is a conversation between you and the faculty about your work.
  • Reviewers/jurors are comprised of design faculty.
  • You are welcome to have a designated note-taker to capture juror feedback.
  • Jurors will also be filling out an assessment form for each of you that they will send after the critique.

If you are a First Year Student…

First year students are expected to sign up for one 3-hour time block to OBSERVE a crit. This provides an opportunity to see advanced student work, and to get a sense for what to expect next year. Use this link to the doodle poll to sign up for a day + time to observe.

Critique Week Schedules (Sophomore + Juniors)

Monday, May 10Group 1Group 2
Faculty Reviewers:Palmer, Shaw, FriedSanchez, Spitz, Hood
1:00 pmY. AbisB. Moschella
1:20 pmK. CaulfieldC. DaSilva
1:40 pmF. BekaliF. Sanchez
2:00 pmD. BortzA. Nguyen
2:20 pmD. HurleyD. Woodin
2:40 pmBreakBreak
3:00 pmA. LisackiG. Bandler
3:20 pmI. MargoobE. Bastos
3:40 pmM. CaspiA. Blackett
4:00 pmS. SumegiS. Pugatch
4:20 pmJ. CurleyM. Amper-Indeck
Two concurrent groups running on Monday, May 10

Friday, May 14Group 1Group 2Group 3
Faculty Reviewers:Prasad, Shaw, Fried, FerrinBrock, Fleming, Lamour-SansoneSpitz, McQuade, Stewart
9:00 amD. DominguezS. SaggiS. Badrawy
9:20 amK. EnglishC. JohnsonK. Pimental
9:40 amT. CollinsV. MartinsM. Ikomi
10:00 amL. BellC. LavanwayN. Le
10:20 amS. DrezekB. MeasA. Silva
10:40 amBreakBreakBreak
11:00 amL. BishopT. DoanJ. Liu
11:20 amK. MedinaC. SaintilS. Ezzatpourghadim
11:40 amD. BortzC. WoodburyL. Ortega
12:00 pmD. HurleyM. WandreyA. Shrestha
12:20 pmS. PugatchE. White
1:00 pmD. Woodin
Three concurrent groups running on Friday, May 14

First-Year student observations

Monday, May 10First Year Student ObserversGroup Assignment
1pm – 5pmJ. GuzmanGroup 1
1pm – 5pmM. SheppardGroup 1
1pm – 5pmK. McFarlandGroup 1
1pm – 5pmT. GossGroup 1
1pm – 5pmM. Flores Group 2
1pm – 5pmJ. RiessGroup 2
1pm – 5pmM. VieiraGroup 2
1pm – 5pmD. SiguenzaGroup 2
These are the first-year students observing juries on Monday May 10.
Friday, May 14First Year Student ObserversGroup Assignment
9am – 1pmD. GossGroup 1
9am – 1pmJ. PayneGroup 1
9am – 1pmC. ChhoeunGroup 1
9am – 1pm N. ReyesGroup 1
9am – 1pmF. FloresGroup 1
9am – 1pmJ. RogersGroup 2
9am – 1pmA. RodriguezGroup 2
9am – 1pmA. DavisGroup 2
9am – 1pmK. ConnorGroup 3
9am – 1pmJ. LesieurGroup 3
9am – 1pmC. AppignanGroup 3
9am – 1pmJ. WuGroup 3
9am – 1pmM. ColeGroup 3
These are the first-year students observing juries on Friday May 14.