About Design

Our Mission

The Design Department at Lesley Art + Design provides students with the perceptual, conceptual, and technical skills needed for a lifetime of professional practice in design. The form of any work is the result of a dialog between specific ideas and materials in the context of a particular method of problem solving. Students gain an understanding of the general principles of visual communication by engaging in studio projects that expose them to specific ideas, materials, and methods. A career in design requires more than practical training. It also requires a comprehensive education that allows students to grow and to adapt to new situations once they leave school. This means providing an education that spans many technologies and serves students throughout their lives and careers.

Design Department Majors

The design department offers three distinct undergraduate programs. These were created to anticipate the shifting landscape of the discipline, and to address the varied interests of our student population.

Senior 2020 Exhibition

Our senior capstone exhibition is online! Below is a sneak peek at some of the work. You can view the full exhibit here.